The lightweight TacViz Media Player Express provides comprehensive playback of the TVZ recordings. Its capabilities include the ability to integrate with external mapping software, frame-by-frame control, export to popular image/video formats, and full geospatial layer customization.

TacViz Media Player
Digital Video Playback
  • VCR-like playback controls
  • Forward/Reverse playback capable between 1/4x to 50x speeds
  • Skip forward/reverse by 30-second intervals
  • Camera source switching
  • Timeline control with event markers

Increased Situational Awareness
  • Heading with camera field of view indicator
  • Geospatial Intelligence Video Overlays with full feature and layer filtering
  • Export single frames to JPG/PNG
  • Export video segments to AVI
TacViz Media Player

TacViz Media Player
  • Map integration capability with Google Earth, ArcExplorer, FalconView
  • ...or your own custom mapping toolkit
  • Capable of custom map integration
  • Geospatial vector reckoning
  • Current location indicator with field of view representation
  • Full mission tracking